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What is Mango?

The Mango Sports Platform is designed to have an open interconnected data capability so it can adapt to any sports organization data environment, regardless of the software currently being used.

Why Mango?

Configurable Process

Any given process of your organization can be operated utilizing our proprietary node based language system prior to working with Mango. This capability allows the platform to react and generate events that create user actions and notifications to maintain the status of any data change following your organizational process method.


Mango is an adaptable platform that taps into the full potential of your organization by adjusting and modifying its software behavior to generate maximum integration.

Cloud Based

Mango is a cloud based solution which inherently provides security, reliability, flexibility and scalable infrastructure for your organization. We guarantee quality service and managing your computing needs.


Utilizing the concept of organic data, the Mango platform will continue to gradually evolve by providing the integration of non traditional and flexible components to fulfill the requirements of your organization.