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Celebrating 100 years of oldest global continental football competition, and the fourth largest sports event worldwide, our team is proud to contribute to the management process of The Copa America Centenario 2016 tournament.














The Titan module is a vital component for the Copa America Centenario 2016 Official Tournament App. It supplies the mobile app and web with important information related to the Copa America 2016 tournament. With the Titan backend, our team manages the data being fed to the mobile app as well as the Copa America website. Titan also allows the control of sharing related video to social media platforms.

The process behind the data being fed into the mobile application and the website derives from the stats provider. With the support of the stats provider, Titan is able to produce the data being published.


  • The match list
  • Match selection
  • Match information
  • Handling match media
  • Team rosters
  • Team information
  • Player information
  • Stages of the competition
  • Groups and final round details

Real Time Data:

  • Play by Play
  • Goals
  • Yellow Cards
  • Red Cards
  • Real Time Scores
  • Game Time
  • Penalties
  • Overtime


  • Uploading videos onto app and social media platforms
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  • Push notification based on event and user subscription
  • Automatic translation of multiple languages

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Developed by:

The media channel plays a significant role by providing a media management system for Venue Press officers and media members that want to cover Copa America 2016.

The media channel shows data pertaining to all matches presented in the Copa America Centenario 2016 Official Tournament, where FIFA approved media members apply to cover matches and VPOs handle the approval process.

Once approved, the Media channel provides an E-ticket to the media members to access the match and its areas. The E-ticket can be added to an E-wallet or printed.

There are two fronts incorporated within the media channel, the admin side, the VPOs, and the user’s side, the media members. The following features explain the admin and the user’s role within the approval process system:

Admin’s Major Features:
  • Handles approval status for media members applying for matches and areas.
  • Manages capacity of media members for venues by function: photographer, media, and non rights holder.
  • Manages capacity by areas: press conference, mixed zone and parking.
  • Produces reports that contain shows and no shows of media members, as well as capacities and functions.
  • Ability to dynamically search with robust filters.
User’s Major Features
  • Apply for match and areas.
  • Access to media guidelines.
  • Access to e-tickets.
  • Access to match and venue information

By visiting the Copa Media Channel, each member’s E-ticket can be accessed through their profile or it can be added to their E-wallet on an IOS or Android mobile device. Each E-ticket contains a barcode which stores an access to the match and areas based on the member’s credential.

As soon as the media member arrives at the Copa America match, it is the match official’s role to use the mobile scanner app to scan the E-ticket, which can be displayed on paper, screen or any mobile device. This will either grant or deny the media members access to either the match or the area. Given this scenario, the primary purpose of the mobile scanner app allows match officials to scan the E-ticket of each media member by match, all areas, or specific area, determining whether they have access or not. By scanning the E-ticket the mobile scanner app tracks the attendance of the media members per match. During or after the match an admin can export the media member’s attendance report from the media channel.

Last minute access grants, denials, and security adjustments by the match official, make it possible for media members to attend other areas when approved during the active timeframe of pre match, during the game, and post match all by being connected to a real-time cloud feeding system.


The broadcast module connects all tournament related data into a  live TV broadcast resulting in audiences worldwide viewing live game stats, team stats, draw and tournament result simultaneously.

The broadcast plugin produces optimized data that is read online by a Chyron system. The Chyron system is a global leader in broadcast graphics creation that provides real-time data visualization, player tracking, tournament results, animated graphic overlays and more on a live tv broadcast.