Modules Used:

Founded in 1962, the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League continues to be the region’s premier competition for clubs. Our team is proud to have a hand in the management process of the official Champions League tournament.














The CONCACAF Champions League draw event took place at 8:00pm ET on May 30th, 2016 at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.

How it Works

The Champions League live draw event began with the infamous Jurgen Minka, CONCACAF’s Deputy General Secretary. With 6 pots displayed on the stage, 24 contestants to choose from, 8 groups of three teams to be sorted into, the Champions League draw event kept the audience anticipating till the final result.

The process behind the Champions League live draw event ran on Mango. By handling the data communication between the software at the event and being able to provide real-time data placement through our Fast Action Keyboard, the event was able to run smoothly.

The Champions League draw flow incorporated groups assignments, tournament phase definition, team schedules, and real-time data for broadcast TV and web.

The media channel provides the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League tournament with a media management system in which Venue Press officers and media members handle media access to matches and media areas.

The media channel additionally displays data pertaining to all matches presented in the Champions League tournament, where CONCACAF approved media members can apply to cover matches and VPOs handle the approval process.

The Titan module is a key asset in the Scotiabank Champions League mobile application solution. The mobile solution for the tournaments resides within the CONCACAF mobile app. Titan provides the app with complete tournament information.Titan also allows the control of sharing related videos to social media platforms.

The process behind the data being fed into the mobile application and the website derives from the stats provider. With the support of the stats provider, Titan is able to produce the data being published.

Titan also plays an important role in the CONCACAF Champions League live draw event. All tournament information acquires the data from Titan module. Draw results are then fed back into Titan.